If you?ve read about aquarium hamster cages, there?s all sorts of images that may come to mind. Conventionally, a hamster cage involves bars, doors and a few other defining characteristics. You may well think that an aquarium hamster cage is a certain style of cage with unique features ? after all, enough people know about these cages so they must have some defining characteristics, right?

As it turns out, an aquarium hamster cage is exactly what it sounds like ? an aquarium, or fish tank, that your hamster lives in.

Where to Buy an Aquarium Hamster Cage

As with just about anything on your shopping list, Amazon is always a great place to start on your search for an aquarium hamster cage. Given that these products are designed for fish rather than small animals, you probably will not find them alongside hamster bedding or food. Instead, whether you?re browsing Amazon or heading to the pet store, you want to go to the fish section.

The Basic Aquarium Hamster Cage

Funnily enough, the standard and most obvious basic aquarium hamster cage just so happens to be a basic aquarium and you cannot go far wrong with the model below. As you can see, it is not exactly much to look at, but if you do not want to spend massive amounts but prefer a clear view of your hamster without any bars in the way, it is a great place to start.

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One thing we would mention about this tank is that it represents such a good option because of the price. Lower prices often mean compromises, and while this is a good tank, there is an important piece missing depending on your circumstances. The tank does not come with a lid, so if there is any danger of your hamster getting out the top, or another pet getting in, you?ll want to consider a separate lid to keep everybody safe. Something as simple as a terrarium screen cover will often do the perfect job and won?t break the bank.

Even without a lid, you get more space than in a typical wire hamster cage here and unobstructed views when your pet does something entertaining!

The Aquarium Hamster Cage Hybrid

We have mentioned in the past that the bars on a cage are a great idea, not least because they immediately give your hamster a great way to keep fit. If you worry that your hamster might miss out if you opt for an aquarium, then you may wish to consider a tank topper.

Kaytee My First Home Tank Topper
  • Converts any 10-gallon tank into a multi-level high rise for small furry pets
  • Includes Comfort Shelves, Safety Ramps, food dish, water bottle and Little Brick House hideout (Glass Tank Not Included)
  • Made using chew-proof coated wire and stain-resistant plastic parts 20" long, 10" wide, 10" high
  • For hamsters, gerbils, mice, or other small furry pets
  • Bar Spacing: 1/2"

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Kaytee is a trusted name among hamster owners worldwide, and we are big fans of their products ? they even do the best hamster bedding out there. Given that the company makes just about everything you could possibly imagine for hamsters, it is no surprise that they have made the effort to make the lives of those that prefer aquarium hamster cages easier.

Suitably enough, the Kaytee Tank Topper is suitable for any ten gallon cage, just like the one featured above. For a fairly inexpensive price, you can combine the best of both worlds and give your hamster a choice of whether they?d like to hang from the bars at the top or entertain you at the bottom.

The Pros of an Aquarium Hamster Cage

  • A great view. Assuming the novelty of watching your hamster going about its day has not yet worn off, you might find the bar view a bit too restrictive for your preference. An aquarium cage gives you unrestricted access to everything your hamster might get up to and if you opt for the expansion on top, you don?t even need to cut down on their exercise to do so.
  • Fully contained except the roof. As noted, our recommended tank does not come with a top, but that?s actually a good thing. You need to consider ventilation and airflow ? given that aquariums are designed for fish, this is rarely a consideration in product design. That?s why we recommend a ventilated screen as a makeshift top, as your hamster can still breathe ? which should be pretty high on the priority list! At the same time, it is all but impossible for them to drop bedding, food and other small items out of the cage, ensuring a tidy area around the cage at all times.
  • Plenty of space. While there are wire cages that can rival their aquarium equivalents in terms of sheer size, this kind of tank usually represents an upgrade in living area. If you are fond of treating your hamster with toys, they?ll have plenty of room to enjoy everything in a tank such as this one.

The Cons of an Aquarium Hamster Cage

  • Aquariums are often heavier than wire cages. If you like to move your hamster around, and perhaps keep him downstairs in the day but upstairs overnight, you need to think about how hard it will be to do so. The solid nature of aquariums means that they tend to be heavier than wire cages of the equivalent size, and this needs to factor in to your purchase decision ? especially if you go for one that is larger than the featured item above.
  • You may pay more for the same space. We focused on a budget model in this feature but, as you?ll know if you have any interest in fish, the sky is the limit for shapes and sizes. If you have a lot of space to work with, you can be sure that your hamster will love you for it, but aquariums can get pretty costly.
  • Aquariums are incompatible with some hamster toys and accessories. If you already have some toys and activities for your hamster, you need to make sure they are capable of free-standing operation. Many wheels and several other traditional toys work by clipping on to bars. Most water bottles do the same, so you?ll need bowls instead. Of course, this issue can be largely overcome if you go for the hybrid option outlined above.

Essential Aquarium Hamster Tank Accessories

With the pros and cons in mind, you may need to adjust your strategy for what you include within the tank. There are plenty of freestanding alternatives to common hamster accessories. Kaytee comes up trumps with the Tree of Life, which includes a wheel and play area, with no bars required.

Kaytee Tree of Life 3-in-1 Pet Habitat Accessory, Small
  • Hideaway provides a safe nook to nest
  • Built in exercise wheel for activity
  • Removable food dish included

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At that kind of price, we can see no reason to go for anything else, but if you?re pushed for space, you may consider something like the Ware Flying Saucer.

Naturally, a wheel is essential if you go for an aquarium tanks and opt against a wire topper like the option featured above. With no bars to climb, your hamster needs to get its exercise from somewhere and probably does not want to wait to come out in its hamster ball each time.

Aside from this, you?ll also need to stay on top of the hydration situation. As mentioned, you?ll have no issues with a standard water bowl, just as long as you don?t fill it so much that your hamster needs to swim! However, if you prefer a water bottle, we adopt the same approach as we do for the wheel and go for the freestanding option.

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There?s a colour and style to suit every design although they largely stick to the same kind of form factor. You can get creative too, as the unit that holds the bottle can come with tunnels, food bowls and anything else you can think of. The water bottle featured above will meet most needs but with dozens of options to choose from, we would suggest heading on over to Amazon to see what you can potentially find.

Aquarium Hamster Tanks ? In Summary

When it all comes down to it, the decision between a traditional hamster cage and an aquarium tank largely comes down to personal preference. It is best to consider what you already have on hand ? if your current wheel, bottles and toys are all free-standing, you are ready to go with an aquarium tank. If your accessories have been designed to fix on to bars, you?ll need to either replace them or stick with a standard hamster cage.

You?ll also want to consider sizes. We have focused on ten gallon tanks and toppers in this feature, and they are ideal for dwarf hamsters. If you have anything larger, then it may well be worth going for the 20 gallon option instead ? hamsters tend to appreciate more space, but you should be aware that a tank that doubles the size far more than doubles the price. Indeed, cost will play a part in your decision as well as personal preference, but you should never lose sight of the fact that the main goal is to make your hamster happy and to keep them healthy. Both can be achieved in the right cage regardless of style.

Aqueon Tank Black 30X12X12 20L
  • The All-Glass standard size aquarium is made with care to assure that it can stand up to almost any application
  • These aquariums come in a wide range of sizes as well as Black and Oak trim styles
  • Large aquariums feature one-piece center-braced frames that eliminate glass Bowing

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