Hamster bedding is a crucial part of your pet?s lifestyle and making the right decision on which hamster bedding you use can serve you very well indeed in the long-term. The right bedding will not cost the Earth and can assist in keeping your hamster happy, healthy and hygienic, so you do not want to simply scrunch up some newspaper, put it in the cage and hope for the best!

How do Hamsters Sleep in the Wild?

Let?s start off by saying that your choice of hamster bedding, whatever it happens to be, will not fully replicate the sleep choices of hamsters in the wild unless you have a particularly unusual setup. Given the often warm conditions, and their preference for a nice, refreshing sleep, they usually dig underground and build a nest. They will search out anything appropriate in their surroundings to make their hole into a home, and it is precisely these levels of comfort and cosiness that we want to replicate with our bedding choice.

Teddy bear hamsters, or Syrians, are among the most popular hamster pets, and their natural preference is just a simple underground lair that keeps them out of the intense sun. Other hamsters live in forests or grassland, and they?ll make extensive use of the various trees and plants around them to make their nests even more comfortable.

Replicate their Natural Environment with Hamster Bedding

If you already own a hamster or have done in the past, it will not have escaped your attention that they like to sleep a lot, especially when you?re awake. As noted in our feature covering whether hamsters are nocturnal, their habits lend themselves well to a particularly comfortable sleep.

Essentially, they try their best to avoid harsher external factors which, in the home, usually just come down to sunlight and the standard noise throughout the house. They also like to dig and burrow while adding a personal touch to their surroundings.

What is the Best Hamster Bedding?

Based on all that, we need to look out for hamster bedding that is warm, comfortable and suitable for a bit of digging around. For that reason, our top pick for anyone that seeks the best hamster bedding for their little guy is Kaytee’s Clean and Cozy.

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You may be used to something along the lines of wool fabrics and other alternatives, but we value this bedding for all sorts of reasons. Above anything else, it does the best job of replicating the hamster?s natural habitat. Fluffy bedding simply does not replicate the soil and sand that they are genetically used to in the same way as a paper-based bed. The smaller particles mean they can move it around and shape it as they see fit ? and even burrow into it if they so choose.

As far as we?re concerned, anything that can also make your life easier is a win, and Kaytee?s Clean and Cozy is renowned for being the best option to cut down on odours and reduce dust. You don?t want to spend hours each day cleaning up after your pet outside the cage, and you will not have to with this type of hamster bedding.

It also works well with your pet?s toilet habits. In years gone by, you may remember that wood shavings were taken as read when it comes to the type of hamster bedding you use, but this paper-based option from Kaytee is twice as absorbent. This means far less mess when it comes time to clean out the cage, and less intensive scrubbing on your part too. Most of your hamster?s business will come out with the bedding when you empty it, and it does not get any more convenient than that.

On top of all that, this bedding is low-cost, comes in a size that should suit the needs of any owner and is even available in multiple colours to suit your d?cor.

The Alternative Hamster Bedding Option

We are very fond of Kaytee products for hamsters, and they check all the boxes in virtually every area. However if for whatever reason, the Clean and Cozy line is not what you?re looking for, you may instead want to try Carefresh Complete Ultra.

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The perks of this hamster bedding are very similar to what you can expect from the Kaytee alternative, and we give the competition the nod just because we prefer the overall brand and you will often find the Clean and Cozy bedding either cheaper or available in more package sizes to suit. Nevertheless, if the size doesn?t matter, we have no qualms about recommending the Carefresh option too.

How Often Should I Change my Hamster?s Bedding?

Given that hamsters cannot tell you the answer to this directly, you will hear conflicting views from all over. The main differentiating factor is the size of the cage. Larger cages can be left for longer and will often be fine for up to a month without a thorough clean. For the most part, however, you should seek to clean out the cage once a week if you can, or once every two weeks at the most.

You should also consider your hamster?s own personality. They could be more or less messy than others naturally and it is always worth it to apply a bit of common sense. Look at the cage and think to yourself ?would I be happy with that hamster bedding tonight??. If not, then it is probably a good idea to give the cage the once over.

What If I Run Out of Hamster Bedding?

Given that bedding lasts for a couple of weeks at the very least, especially if you go with one of the products featured above, you should have no issues with running out before you get the chance to buy some more. However, if you have got your new hamster home and require a temporary solution, then you can just use good old-fashioned paper.

Make sure that there is no ink on the paper ? that?s another reason why the newspaper is unsuitable ? and prepare yourself to quickly pine for the odour-eating capabilities of the proper stuff. Your hamster will not be quite as comfortable as it could be, but it is only temporary, after all, and they should be able to get a decent enough day?s sleep.